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waifu2x: An image upscaler - Internetakias - 05-23-2015 11:56 AM

Hello everyone! I came across this rather interesting project called waifu2x earlier today
It's an image upscaler, mainly used for anime images, that operates using artificial neural networks and produces outstanding results. Here's some examples I made using the test app available here on Danganronpa sprites and CGs:
Sprite Example:
[Image: xXhQnSs.png]
2x Upscaled:
[Image: LLaV5B9.jpg]
Vita Port:
[Image: B8CuiDY.jpg]

CG Example:
[Image: kHA8JjB.png]
2x Upscaled:
[Image: SjPe5SX.jpg]
Vita Port:
[Image: 54KAexy.jpg]

Anyway, the reason why I'm showing you all this is because I was wondering whether or not it's possible to somehow implement this into PPSSPP?

RE: waifu2x: An image upscaler - Black_Avassalador - 05-24-2015 02:07 PM

Here is the source code of waifu2x in github:

It looks like waifu2x quality far surpass that of XBRZ, i was thinking what would XBRZ look like if it was worked to show the best its code can, but waifu2x is even better than the best XBRZ possible, that i was thinking.

We still need to see how w2x deal with textures, and other kind of images (since its made to upscale anime like images, maybe it will not produce the same awesome result for other king of images) ... But the most important is how fast is that? it needs to be at least as fast as a 5x XBRZ to be worth using, or only few pcs would run it.

Talking about speed, XBRZ got a good speed boost with the new version:

RE: waifu2x: An image upscaler - o.g._m.a.k. - 03-28-2019 06:24 AM

Has anyone got it working on it yet?

RE: waifu2x: An image upscaler - AkiraJkr - 03-28-2019 06:46 AM

Some of the textures on my project went through Waifu2x, so I'm not surprised it's finally being more known these days. I believe it would be quite hard to implement waifu2x in the emulator...and it would be extremely taxing on PCs.

RE: waifu2x: An image upscaler - qwer4321 - 05-27-2019 06:57 PM

You can dump all textures, then upscale it using wife2.x (not realtime).
Realtime processing will be slow in this decade.

xBR, xBRz, hq4x, etc - have numerous sub version with different speed/quality.