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Direct3D9 support - Henrik - 09-09-2014 09:46 AM

Those of you who can't use OpenGL 2.0 on your ancient PCs can now try the D3D9 backend, on the latest Windows builds:

* Open Memstick/PSP/SYSTEM/ppsspp.ini
* Under [Graphics], change the setting GPUBackend to 1.

On startup, PPSSPP should now show "Direct3D9" at the bottom instead of OpenGL.

The Direct3D backend is still very immature but some games are now quite playable, it's pretty similar to how the OpenGL backend worked a year ago.

It's not time to file issue reports yet but it would be interesting to hear how well it runs on various low end machines.

Later, we will also add a D3D11 backend which will allow porting to Windows Phone. However it's hard to say if we are going to get good enough performance without a JIT, as JITs are still not allowed on Windows Phone.

RE: Direct3D9 support - vitality19 - 09-09-2014 07:27 PM

Thanks very much for the D3D support. It seems that pixel/vertex shaders 2.0 are required.
I wish Android phones had D3D.

RE: Direct3D9 support - jayande - 09-09-2014 11:09 PM

With the added D3D support, would the emulator now be compatible with Texmod? I've been hoping for a work around to be able edit in game graphics. Would this be it?

RE: Direct3D9 support - aki21 - 09-10-2014 01:18 AM

i have different problem here,well the 3d games really work for my netbook but only when vertex cache is disable,for my laptop it doesn't need to disable vertex cache and the game run likewise,well disabling vertex cache for my netbook reduce the vps down and have to use frameskip to get playable state,is there are different between those my netbook and laptop?uh also god eater 2 work for my netbook but not on my laptop,is there something wrong with the d3d thing,somehow i noticed when the god eater 2 first 3d cutscenes there are error like ''harware transform error,falling to sofware'' for my netbook,on my laptop the game crash when the first cutscenes want to show up.also i think heavy games like god of war,tekken 6,juiced2 just got some vps up eventhough 3d still halfly broken,any solution?

RE: Direct3D9 support - GuilhermeGS2 - 09-10-2014 01:57 AM

Here are some issues with different settings combinations:

[Image: 6p2efc.png]

Hardware Transformation - On
Software Skinning - On
Vertex Cache - On

[Image: 2bxk0p.png]

Hardware Transformation - On
Software Skinning - On
Vertex Cache - Off

[Image: 23t4fn7.png]

Hardware Transformation - On
Software Skinning - Off
Vertex Cache - Off

[Image: 25ztr0h.jpg]

Hardware Transformation - Off
Software Skinning - Off
Vertex Cache - Off

[Image: 2q207ia.png]

[Image: 2m2gpz5.png]

Hardware Transformation - Off
Software Skinning - On
Vertex Cache - Off

The most games are playable if you use the correct setting combination. But there are some issues, though.

RE: Direct3D9 support - vitality19 - 09-13-2014 03:40 PM

the latest build (370) should fix many games, tekken 5 for example - previously it was a mess of textures and polygons, as always good work

RE: Direct3D9 support - cybercjt - 09-13-2014 04:51 PM

Tested some games :3 PPSSPP build v0.9.9.1-372-g7dcb847

*Hardware Transform unchecked*

The FPS of a specific game will be sometimes 50% (60 to 30 FPS and 30 to 15 FPS) probably because the DX9 backend is just new and needs more fixing but yea 100% emulation speed

Some games have buggy texts but the graphics are fine vise versa.

Some are fine on both and others are still buggy Smile

Good job and salute to the devs because of fast development of this wonderful Emulator Smile

RE: Direct3D9 support - jayande - 09-16-2014 12:32 AM

Again, is there anyway to make this version compatible with Texmod? Is it even possible? Are specific dlls required in the D3D directory? Some insight would be appreciated. Henrik could you chime in?

RE: Direct3D9 support - Henrik - 09-16-2014 06:27 AM

You mean this?

I don't know why it wouldn't be compatible, but the best solution would be for us to integrate texture replacement in the emulator like Dolphin does. This is planned, we'll see when I get to it..

RE: Direct3D9 support - Adhenovan - 09-16-2014 08:14 AM

here is some bug remains Henrik with software skinning on , graphical glitch

latest revision v0.9.9.1-458-g94c865b


and this one another test with system info (intel old vga)


random slowdown , and the log is flooded with this one both mhfu and mhp3rd

RE: Direct3D9 support - Henrik - 09-18-2014 12:32 PM

Some of those problems should be fixed now, can you try again? Also, try both with and without "Hardware Transform" and "Software Skinning" enabled.

RE: Direct3D9 support - [Unknown] - 09-18-2014 01:20 PM

That random slowdown may be improved when this is merged:

Although with software skinning on it shouldn't be hit as often.


RE: Direct3D9 support - Adhenovan - 09-18-2014 06:54 PM

yeah i can try it again , i will be happy to help

here is the test revision v0.9.9.1-478-g23ade61

this glitch only occured if i changed the setting after the game run
Hardware Transform on , software skinning on , disable vertex cache after the game run

Hardware Transform on , disable or enable software skinning after the game run , vertex cache off

Hardware Transform off , software skinning off , vertex cache off
correct graphic changed the setting after the game run

all above options displaying correct graphic after resetting ppsspp
mhfu run full speed with or without software skinning (Good work Big Grin)

Mhp3rd HD test
Hardware Transform on , disable or enable software skinning after the game run , vertex cache on

Hardware Transform on , software skinning on , vertex cache on
its stable but cant reach full speed this game is not happy with software skinning on

Hardware Transform on , software skinning off, vertex cache on and restarting ppsspp
almost full speed and the random slowdown is gone with software skinning off

i think this ancient laptop cant keep up with mhp3rd HD game, its run full speed on quest but not in town with software skinning off , as always good improvement Big Grin

which is better for ppsspp x86 or x64 ? because i can install windows 8 64bit on this ancient laptop , and let me know again if new d3d9 commit is merged i will test it again , good luck with the work ^^

RE: Direct3D9 support - jayande - 09-18-2014 11:56 PM

Henrik, texture replacement integration would be amazing. And I'm glad to hear that you plan on implementing this feature. An entire neglected gengre (American Football on the PC) of gamers will thank you.

In the meantime, is there anyway to get Texmod or similar program to work with the D3D9 version of the emu? I tried it with Texmod and I keep getting a "D'Oh" error. Maybe something needs to be modified. Could you please take a look?

RE: Direct3D9 support - Sazer - 09-19-2014 03:10 AM

First i'd like to say thank you for the Direct3D9 backend, and it was awesome.

I know that the Direct3D9 was still under development, but i just want to ask is there anyone who notice there was bug on game Kamen Rider Chou Climax Heroes ?

Whenever i use special hit which there was some effect, the game speed always became very slow, sometime the game freeze for a moment, and the game will give some flashy thing. It only appears when backend using Direct3D9


And here is my system info