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Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force - majdcomp - 08-08-2014 06:54 PM

the server kicking me when i connect

ppsspp 0.9.8
yu-gi-oh! tag force 3

RE: Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force - GuenosNoLife - 08-08-2014 07:03 PM

Download the latest version :

[ASK] cant proceed to Network Mode - madfUsion - 07-15-2015 12:51 AM

Hi I'm new here,
pardon me for my mistakes.

Lately I played Yugioh GX Tag Force on my Android with ppsspp.

When I chose the Network Mode it showed nothing but a "Network Initialized" then back to the Main Menu again.

A few moments ago I saw on emu wiki that someone stated "It couldn't be played on Android for the Network Mode feature".

Is there any alternative way to solve this problem ?

note : I've followed all instructions on the other thread including disabling the Memory Speed. ( The feature that makes your game speed faster, isn't it ?)

RE: Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force - vnctdj - 07-15-2015 04:02 PM


RE: Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force - madfUsion - 07-15-2015 05:46 PM

Does the newer one ( the top one ) contains all the update below it ?