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RE: [working]Gundam VS Gundam Next Plus - Verymelon Benda - 07-17-2019 02:03 PM

Get error message while building apk again with TemporaryHackishBranch latest build v1.8.0-698-g5c8ce9018 amd64. and same issue on PPSSPP Master branch, Is there a way to fix it? Huh Thank you in advance sir. Smile

RE: [working]Gundam VS Gundam Next Plus - LunaMoo - 07-17-2019 08:15 PM

You need to install latest Python from here.
When installing on Windows make sure to check in the installer to add python to the PATH and after installation you'll have to restart your pc.

RE: [working]Gundam VS Gundam Next Plus - Verymelon Benda - 07-18-2019 10:25 PM

Okay. Big Grin

RE: [working]Gundam VS Gundam Next Plus - okasake - 08-06-2019 04:21 PM

I finished my PPSSPP setting and i try to play online with my friends in pc.It seems to be some kind of connection error while in the lobby.
it shows up like those image.
I try to use hamachi and still got a same result.
could someone know how to fix it? Angel